Marshmallow Challenge

By using nothing other then spaghetti, tape and string the aim is to build a structure as high as possible which is able to hold a marshmallow at the top. At the end of the task the team with their marshmallow the highest from the surface of the table were the winners.




After taking part in this task I feel I gained from working in a group. Having an idea of my own that i feel so strongly would work, and then having to consider other peoples thought was a situation I’m not use to being in. As a designer I work mainly on my own, using my own ideas and developing them myself. Working in a group where everyone has completely different ideas was interesting, and I realise now that you end up with a better result by sharing your ideas and seeing if anyone else can expand on that in ways you hadn’t thought of.

I do feel more confident expressing my ideas to others now, knowing that they will always have a different view of something to me. And I can develop my idea to its best by talking it out with someone else and seeing if they think of things I hadn’t. In the same way our group did to make the structure as tall as it could be and able to hold up with marshmallow. (But we still didn’t win)



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