Mood Boards (making connections)

Too put all our ideas and research into one, we were asked to complete a set of 4 mood boards. One for each: Theme, Customer, Colour pallet, and Company competitors. I found that making these mood boards was an effective way to visually show my thought process and tie together all my ideas. Being able to select the images I felt most represented the brief I was working to, and how I imagined my final designs to look like.

I felt it was less important to have lots of text on my boards, as being a designer it is visual imagers that gets us feeling inspired and creative. As much as I felt these boards were to express my ideas to others, I also wanted them for me to refer back too so I would keep on task, and stick to my theme.

photo 4 photo 3-6 photo 2-8 photo 1-7

I look at my mood boards as a visual summery of my brief. Containing all the key points I made in my brief, but being represented though imagery. It is the first time I had put together mood boards like this, and although I feel they are a good representation of what I wanted to express, they are not very creative. The next time I come to making mood boards I will think of ways to make them more interesting. Maybe digital?


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