Writing a Brief

‘It is becoming more and more common for homes to be opened planned when they are being built, with connecting kitchens and living areas. It is for this reason that DeVOL want to expand their business market into other areas of the house, such as the lounge as homeowners now want one designer or company to furnish and decorate their entire home as it keeps to a consistent theme through out the building.’

‘You are required to create a collection of interior textile pieces suitable for the living area. The company, DeVOL Kitchens, are a prestigious English independent kitchen furniture manufacturer, and design company.’ Taken from my brief so far.

Writing my own brief was very challenging. I wanted it to sound professional so tried to use the correct vocabulary but feel that this sometimes over complicated what I was trying to put forward. Whilst writing the brief I still wasn’t completely sure on what I wanted to achieve from the module, however being able to set your own theme made the whole experience more enjoyable. This is because I was able to relate to what I decided to write my brief on. Interior design is my biggest passion which made it an instant decision to base my work on, as appose to fashion or paper based designs. Chose my theme partly came from the companies I had been researching into, they all had a very rustic, old English look to them. But it was also because the countryside is a familiar surrounding for me. It is where I was born and raised making it a theme I could relate too.


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