Pecha Kucha Presentation

It was my first attempt at doing a Pacha Kucha style presentation so I was nervous right from the start. I started with so much research and information I had gathered that I didn’t know what was relevant to be said during my presentation. As we only had a short amount of time for each slide it meant being very specific with what we said, being sure to get to the point and explain our idea in a clear and informative way.

The idea of doing a Pecha Kucha was scary at first but I soon realised that it was a flawless way of presenting. But preparation was key! As long as I had my speech in front of me, which I had practiced, and my PowerPoint timed correctly I couldn’t see how I would go wrong.

I feel that all the information I gave was relevant, and by only having 20 seconds per side I didn’t waffle on like I may have done in other styles of presentations. It’s also helped my confidence with public speaking, although I will also get nervous when standing in front of people I know that things usually (touch wood) go to plan.


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