Making Sense Task

Being asked to close your eyes and put your hand in a black bag, into the unknown, and describe what you can feel might not be something you expect you lecturer to ask of you.
However that is exactly what mine wanted.
We spent the morning using our senses to think up new describing words, I started with touch, unable to see what I was feeling I relied completely on my hands and memory. The task wasn’t to try and work out what was in the bag but to list as many words as possible.
We then moved on to smell, using a different exercise for the same process, and carried on until all senses were exhausted.

Sketchbook-1 This task showed me that there are more creative ways to describe something then just by looking at it. The next time I am struggling with new creative words I shall not just stare but use my other senses such as touch and smell to describe.

We were then asked to put our descriptive words in a creative format. I decided to draw with my words, making a flower to represent smell and the beauty of vision and a hand to show the sense of touch.


This reminded me that the way I format and display my work doesn’t always have to be on plain white lined paper! And that actually doing it in this creative way makes it far more interesting to read. It also explains more then just the words on the page. Using the images to represent the different senses used isn’t something I could have done with just the words. So it adds more to the work.


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