Making Sense of the World

Sensory Perception
The understanding we have of the world is created by the use of our 5 senses.
We learn from a young age to recognise something through its size, shape, texture, etc. Once we have uncoded this information is it stored in our memory waiting to be recalled.

Seeing, Hearing, Touching, Smelling and Tasting.

Vision is the main element to our senses although it is said that we perceive as little as 4% of what we see.
Sight and Vision are not to be confused as the same. As it is our eyes that give us vision but it is our brains that give us sight.

Hearing requires our eyes as well as our ears. When in face to face conversation with someone we use our to recognise sounds.
Rhythms and patterns are distinguished through our hearing, and from a young age this is an important development for our speech.

Touching is our way of interacting with the world, a way of putting information into the body and expressing a response out.
Our hands use touch and the ability of movement as a way to gather information such as an objects Texture, Weight, Hardness, Temperature, Shape and Size.
The majority of sense receptors are found in our fingers and hands which is why they are so sensitive to touch.

Smell and Taste:
Smell and taste work closely together and are linked with emotions. The smell or taste of something triggers memories and past experiences.
It is found hard to describe the sense of smell or taste to give a good understanding of something.

Having a playful approach to something can become creative. Taking every experience as if it is your first time and having a child like curiosity will produce different outcomes and reactions to the ones we have learnt to give. I have learnt that by shutting down senses (eg sight) makes other ones work stronger (eg hearing). Also that to gain a new aspect on something you should try using a different sense to the ones you would usually.


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